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RE: [Release] Bypass CPU and bandwidth check 1.3.362 UNRANKED
I've edited my iw5mp_server.exe to bypass both CPU and bandwidth minumum requirements check.

Works for server version 1.3.362.

I've uploaded the file so everyone can use it.

NOTE Server will be UNRANKED.

@OrangePL I've checked your .exe file and you only erased the tell command that the error message won't appear, however your file will still check for the minumum requirements of both CPU and bandwidth.



Original message:

Hey all,

Is there a workaround to bypass the CPU check when launching your server?

Thanks in advance.


Attached Files
.rar   iw5mp_server.rar (Size: 1.53 MB / Downloads: 62)
[Image: General_Mael_Radec.jpg]

(11-20-2011, 19:02)OrangePL Wrote: Basically ranked 1.3.362 server files, with removed cpu/bandwidth checks.

(11-21-2011, 13:54)jariz Wrote:
(11-20-2011, 19:02)OrangePL Wrote: Basically ranked 1.3.362 server files, with removed cpu/bandwidth checks.

Thanks jariz for the provided information, I've tried the mentioned workaround but my server stalls, I've followed the instructions in the README file, see below:

version 1.3.362
Connecting to online services....
Connected to online services.
Executing server config "server.cfg"
Succeeded reading from default.dspl
Loaded 1 map entries
Loading DSR "esl_mr12.dsr"...
Loading Succeeded for DSR "esl_mr12.dsr"

Am I doing something wrong here? Also it isn't a requirement that the server is ranked, I don't really bother, I just want to get my server up and running which worked fine in 1.2, but can't anymore in 1.3 due to the CPU check . Smile

Thanks in advance.

[Image: General_Mael_Radec.jpg]

[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

(11-21-2011, 15:21)OrangePL Wrote: Do NOT use FUCKING BUGGED DSR FILES

How can you not use them.. you need to use them to customize a lot of shit.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

Updated thread how to bypass CPU and bandwidth check.

[Image: General_Mael_Radec.jpg]

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