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Problem with addon & timedmessages MW3
Hi there.
I have a little problem with my dedi server.

Everything goes fine except the timedmessages,it dont show at all.
Not even one message on start.

I have the right config on my sv_config.ini

What im doin wrong???

Im using MaAddons from TG & GodPluginv3.0ELITE.dll

Here some captures:

[Image: AddonFolder.png]
[Image: PluginsFolder.png]

And server log:
//////Dedicated server addon enabled//////
////Created by Nukem | http://www.itsmods.com////
////CoD8HMod | http://www.cod6hmod.itshax.com////

Version 1.204
Permission plugin loaded. Author: Pozzuh. Version 1.0 Beta
God Plugin By OzonE. Version 3.0 Loaded!
Thanks To : JariZ , zxz0O0 , narkos
Visit http://www.itsmods.com For Updates and Upgrades.
Taghdim Be Hameye Hamvatanan Irani!
ohai. Rules v2 loaded
Bonemind's ingame RCON v0.7.0 BETA loaded
You have an error in the aliases file, ignoring line:!say = !rcon say

version 1.4.382
Using lowered CPU requirements (1Ghz).
Discovering external IP address. Done (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx).
Connecting to online services....
Connected to online services.
Executing server config "server.cfg"
Succeeded reading from default.dspl
Loaded 1 map entries
Loading DSR "TGLTDMTG2.dsr"...
Loading Succeeded for DSR "TGLTDMTG2.dsr"
Spawning map: mp_bootleg, gametype war
Initializing Steam Game Server: game port 27014, auth port 8766, query port 27016, gamedir modernwarfare3, version
Protected game port (net_port): 27015 (needs to be NAT'ed out, also - use this port when direct-connecting (won't work if server is password protected))
Query port (net_masterServerPort): 27016 (you need to NAT this one out in order to make your server visible online)
Steam Game Server initialized as Internet Server.
Steam Game Server connected. Local IP, Public IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Game Port 27014
Steam Game Server is VAC Secure
Spawn map (mp_bootleg, war) complete.
Can anyone help please?

Just updating the whole files of addon and edited it after...
Problem solved as described at the end of the topic:
"Just updating the whole files of addon and edited it after..."

/Topic closed.

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