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i have problem witf 4d1 and server addon
addons are getting loaded but modes are getting Tumultuous as a result , for example in sd mod every player will be moved in one team and its almost like free for all . if you kill a team mate server will crash . how can we fix this problem?
i know admins dosent suport 4D1 but i REALY NEED TO FIX IT
If your thread was deleted before, It means it won't work a second time neither
Buy the game and all of your issues will be resolved, including the one you're having right now.
We do not support piracy because it uses another version than the retail version and therefore it's very unstable with the current addon.
Please read the instructions in the Teknogods thread in the 'Plugin Requests' forum.
And don't even dare creating a new thread, it'll have consequences.

This thread has been moved to the boards archive.
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