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News Steam got hacked for real this time
So @SparkyMcSparks made me aware of the fact that not only the steam forums got hacked, but also the database which contained passwords, credit cards, personal info and more.
We recommend you to change your password, Just to be safe
Looks like after the PS3, PC also got victim

Gabe send out a message apologizing to us, like that's gonna help
[Image: KPEuY.png]

TL;DR if you got a creditcard on your steam, you're pretty much fucked.
Me and Gabe hope you have a great day

Good that I always buy stuff retail Big Grin
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

I win Awesome paypal ftw

for once I didn't and now i'm fucked Awesome
@Bloopbloop Fuu

I really don't see a problem with having your address and name being stolen lol, they can get that stuff from yellowpages.
What are they gonna do with it? Order pizzas? OH SHIT NO THEY BOUGHT ME ONE WITH PINEAPPLE.

not sure if your used paypal info is stored either
i changed paypal pw cause i used it several times to buy things, also email pw change and steam change.
not a big deal.

i dont care about my personal info, my address and stuff.
but i really dont like to get in contact with the awesome steam support to claim my account back.

so change your pws

Would be a Shame if the hackers info got 'leaked' on the internet ya? Valve should compensate by giving us all Dota 2 and CS: GO beta keys Big Grin

No, just free cod / bf dlc's
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

[Image: m9ljxv.jpg]

lol steam security sucks.

They got owned.

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