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News Free Battlefield 3 dog tags and skins with Dr. Pepper
Free Battlefield 3 dog tags and skins with Dr. Pepper

[Image: bf3-tags.jpg]
[Image: full-skin.png]

Quote:EA and Dr. Pepper have initiated a new Battlefield 3 promotion where gamers can get free in-game items such as dog tags, player skins and more from select EA Dr. Pepper bottles, which each include a code for an item. However, if youre not a big soda drinker (or Dr. Pepper fan), you can still get some new dog tags and items from the Dr. Pepper site, but you have to register. The exclusive items include the dog tags seen above, a multiplayer skin, and a PlayStation Home avatar. The promotion ends on December 31. UPDATE: the promotion is for the US only, and it appears that a code is required even if you register on the site.


Great... now i need some $2 Dr. peppers lol
[Image: m9ljxv.jpg]

Really lame, Thought MW3 was gay giving away XP when you bought a doritos bag,
But now that BF3 is doing this as well I am very dissapoint

Activision announces CoD Elite. EA commands DICE to make Battlelog (which is free though).
Activision says that you will get benefits ingame by eating junkfood in the real world. EA does the same. LOL

Disclaimer: No idea if Activision really came up with these first or that EA planned these as well before Activision announced it.

They steal shit from each other, It's how business goes.
Look at Apple and Microsoft, Same story

omg its just a skin and some dog tags, you cant even compare it to the troll way activision does by gaining XP

Didn't look at it that way, What Activision does is way worse I agree

Dam, I guess this works, because now I want to run to the store Nyan Cat and get a Dr pepper and my code for the Dog Tags.Cool

muahha damn you dr.pepper

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