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Modern Warfare 3 : XP-hack
(12-15-2011, 00:16)blynkzz Wrote: [....]
oh well im just going to the store and ask for a new copy because mine "doesn't seem to be working"

lol Wink

Well, i just know that the message can't connect to online services keeps showing up.
And i its not my internet or router or firewall, because i logged into a friends account and i can play.
So the problem is on my account
oh well im just going to the store and ask for a new copy because mine "doesn't seem to be working"

Your copy is working, goto and do a search on steam, you have to reset something in your steam account to rectify problem, my mate had similar problem. Wasn't too hard to do (although it was weeks ago and I cannot remember solution)

any1 wanna host this for me? Tongue <3

Stopped working months ago.

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