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Help with Sounds
I've got original extracted SP sounds from the IWD's and I'm trying to add and play them in my MP mod but nothing seems to work. Could any1 give me a hand on how to add them into the mod and make them playable.

It's not a weapon sound (I know how to add those), it's a Jugg Music Song and I'd like it to play next to my vending machine.

Thx for any type of help! U JELLY?

Yes *it's possible*

Use this great tool by Tom to convert sound to Black Ops codec, it's called Black Ops sound tool

Then add this to your soundzone csv ( if you did any ).
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
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The problem wasnt getting the sounds readable by black ops, but adding it into to game.
Soundzone.csv? I think I might be missing this part, cuz I allready made default_mymod.all and the other 3 needed files.
I got SP guns working with sounds so this part was fine,, but since The Jugg jingle sound doesnt work quite the same way so I can't get it to work. I've tried adding the sound path to the mod.csv, I've tried copying the original soundaliases file with the Jugg jingle flag and playing it with PlayLocalSound but each time i only get bad syntex error.

Oh, I forgot that Jugger sound was already in game.
PlayLocalSound doesn't exist in Black Ops engine. Use playsound.

I had the same problem, but I made another csv, so I was able to add custom music.

As I remember, I took examples(headers) from zmb_common csv.
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

I've changed the PlayLocalSound command to PlaySoundToPlayer, but i still get unknown function. The problem is that the game still doesnt recognise the sound it is supposed to play. Ive added another csv in soundaliases with code:


and i included in mod.csv both the sound and soundaliases

I've tried several things like addidng .wav in csv to the sound i want to be imported into the mod or.... I dont even remember Dodgy But I did everything that came up to my mind and nothing seemed to work
I'm really stuck on this thing

Wrong way, you can't add sounds manually to mod.csv, only zones, i.e

Uhh I did this thing, I got it working, I just took simple line from zmb_common( also headers like I said ) and edited it like
mysound_ingame,blabla, raw/sounds/etc/mysound.wav, balbabla, blabla, raw/sounds/etc/mysound.mp3, raw/sounds/etc/mysound.xm8, blabla, raw/sounds/etc/mysound.wav, blablabla

EVEN if you don't have mp3/xm8 types of this sound, you need to add theirs names in this line.
Also your soundzone csv example is wrong, there's should be another looking line.
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

WoW I've got it! Thanks for the help!!! I've finally managed to make the mod load the sound (I might have been able to do it earlier but I didn't realise it cuz of the second mistake I made) when compiling it. The second HUGE mistake I was doing was that I kept writing PlaySoundToPlayer("blablbabla",self); ,but the engine in this COD (Im not sure but I think that's how in WaW looked like) doesnt recognise the command. It needs to look like this:
self PlaySound ("blablabla");

Second question: How can I make the sound play in loop in a specific Area? I mean like next to my Vending Machine.

-.- did you read what I said before in my post? *use playsound*
to play 3d sound use the same command, but without global caller "playsound(sound);", I don't remember if there's another way.
C++/Obj-Cdeveloper. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

But I want the sound to be played at a specific location in a loop.
PlaySound playes the sound anywhere you are.
PlaysoundAtPosition playes the sound in the location but just once.
PlayLoopSound playes the sound in a loop but you can hear it wherever you are.

So my question is there some kind of way to mix up PlaySoundAtPostion with PlayLoopSound?
There is no such command as "PlayLoopSoundAtPosition" :p

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