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Help making plugins
Hi all im new to the pc gaming scene i have been a ps3 gamer for years and am now getting very bored with all the lag and just general muppets on psn. I have recently been playing mw3 on pc and yes im sorry i have a pirated version as i wasn't sure whether my pc could play them and so forth and along with teknogods launcher i will probably get slated off here Smile. My question is how do i go about making a plugin for nukems addon i have a super jump .dll that works fine but cant find any others i am on patch 1.4.382 and plugins have all been updated so i want to create some for me to use. If any one can help me i would really appreciate it, I just need to know where to find the offsets and what file they are in and is there any tutorials on how to make them. Thanx
Eww.. teknogods. At least be a good pirate and get 4D1. Much better than teknoshit. And if you do switch to 4D1 all you need is some playerconnected/spawned stuff and then oninterval with setdvar jump_height to whatever.
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piracy -> nope

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