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Help Make Waypoint
Anybody can make a plugin that will display the flags on the radar, as it did here?
[Image: 350556b911ef.jpg]
[Image: compiling.png][Image: aLKA8og_460sa.gif]
Which server is that?
This is a new russian server
(02-11-2013, 14:32)FaiR_PLaY Wrote: This is a new russian server

Well it is better than alexs' sh*t.
As i saw in group, you can win games, and another stuff by earning points! That's really intersting.
Not like alexs' boredom, pay2win, etc
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
This server has not been opened, but are already selling premium.
Another shit like alex!
Oh damn, it's true.
Alexes, go home.
It isn't "It'sPlugins", it is "It'sMods".
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click
ontopic: who can make such a plugin?
It's very useful for all!
My friend did it, he does not want to help you and to me he wants to be his server were only one with such shchtuko! And I recognize you) Hello shit ALEX! I recognize your handwriting of thousands and only you can take that picture! Once you were in the band! I'll never tell!

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