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Help Custom weapons don't do anything
(12-11-2012, 05:21)rotceh_dnih Wrote:
(12-11-2012, 01:10)tomglazer Wrote:
(12-10-2012, 09:31)rotceh_dnih Wrote: ok so you've done many things wrong here lets start fresh

1.make a new mod
2.open asset manager find the weapon you want to mod and make your changes
3. reconvert the weapon in asset manager this will reconvert it to raw/weapons/mp/mp_yourweapon
4.make a new folder in your mod folder named weapons and a new one in that called mp then copy that reconverted weapon file into that folder
5. precache weapon ie "precacheItem( "somegun_mp" );" in something like _rank.gsc and self give if needed
6.add gsc and weapon to mod.csv
7. compile fastfile

if you follow this exactly you should have success. you failed before as you didnt reconvert your weapon , copyed the .gdt file to your mod this dose nothing the gdt is just settings for converter to compile weapon, didnt have new weapon in modfolder , didnt precache, and lastly none if it gose in an iwd everything needs tobe in .ff

good luck.

in this guide you explained how to copy a weapon file, change it and then put it back to your mod, that's all good and easy , but how could u choose this weapon if it doesn't shown on menu?

are you open for any new projects, we looking for a coder which is familiar with CoD.?

hey tom id be happy to explane the basics to you

so after you have modded your weapon file you need to decide how players are going to access it for insistence to quickest simplest way to test is just mod a weapon you know is in a class of yours so say in my class4 i have a ak47 so i go and mod the ak47 to be single fire or something add it to my mod, precache the weaponfile in gsc , compile and run the mod and pick class 4 and the ak47 will be my modded one if i didnt change the name when i reconverted in asset manger = done . other wise if it has a new name or whatever you would make a function to
self giveWeapon("yourcustomweapon_mp ");
you could do this onplayerspawn/when something happens/when you make it happen or make a custom menu like this one
and self give onscriptresponce im sure theres afew tuts here about setting up a custom menu Smile

asfor projects yea im up to do something just depends on what it is "the idea in general "

and lastly @gateboy6 Thank you for your kind words i was only trying to help you yea im aussie i can be a bit blunt QQ good luck in your endeavors.


ok, possible to contact you privately ?

(skype, etc?)
yea man my steam is my username
(12-11-2012, 02:00)tomglazer Wrote:
(12-11-2012, 01:42)gateboy6 Wrote: Obviously a mod as in like
but i mean not like a mod mod.. thing
like admin menu, level up like give command big thing..
just like yea
and inside that the stuff to edit the weapon the way I wan't it.
So your good at that?
please make a good simple tutorial(unlike what they make)
or teamviewer me, thanks.

sorry i dont understand you really..
but im not good at code Sad
if you only want to test your gun do this:
the mod you uploaded on the first post is ok, take your modified weapon file and
copy it 11 times (because i dont remember which one is the default)
rename the files like this:


add this to mod.csv

compile the mod, and every where you choose the enfiled, you will get ur weapon.
Nope.. can't somebody just teamviewer me?

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