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Help Anyone know how to add new weapons for black ops 2 from older version not just s
So i am using redacted version if you google up "custom weapons black ops 2 redacted you will understand" there is a series of weapons from older version and this is what i am trying to do.

I am trying to get the old sniper from call of duty 4.

My data folder of redacted looks like this:
[Image: bejaGEc.gif]

But because even if i put the mp file and .iwi file it won't work i need somehow to put the weapon on the menu so i can create class for it.
I don't even know how to edit those files and i have no idea what i would do i am not a programmer , so that's why i am asking forĀ  your help because it would be cool to add new weapons from old version or new versionsBig Grin

So if there is anything that i can do, please let me knowBig Grin

Thanks a lot for your time, i am also planning in future to share my files in public so everyone can get max prestige lvl with camo, because in the version i am using i don't think that there is a camo or rank hack.

Don't worry about steam or anything i am already banned so whetever i do is no problem because is redacted files.


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