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Black Ops Mac Mods
Okay so I know I've heard that Aspyr said the Mac version of Black Ops doesn't support mods but I was just watching video of a guy playing the Mac version and it has the Mod menu option in Multiplayer. My question is, if I were to make a mod on the PC version with Mod Tools and compile it and put in Mods folder but onto a Mac can I at least load the Mod on a Mac? I know this is generally PC only, but I have modded before on the PC version, I was just curious if anyone knows if it's possible.
If it has the mod menu you can probably load the mods, yes. Mods made on Windows should work, I guess.
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You can "emulate" windows on your mac, not that it your graphic performance will be any better.... but you can use the windows version of bo1 with mods.
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install #bootcamp enjoy #fashion
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Put it in the mods folder and find out!
Next best thing if the nods menu does not work on Mac: Get a friend with Windows to host a mod and join him. Should work.
Yeah I think I will just stick with boot camp and Windows for now then... Thanks guys!
(01-18-2013, 01:25)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Next best thing if the nods menu does not work on Mac: Get a friend with Windows to host a mod and join him. Should work.

Quote:Q: Will Mac players be able to play PC players in multiplayer?

A: Black Ops Mac supports Mac-to-Mac Multiplayer only.

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A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.
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