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d0h.wasting my time?.

what the fuck does it matter what i do?.
i could not care less if someone shot me in the head and died because if i would live to 60 all i would of done is pass time.t

life is bull shit.
life sux
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d0p3boy aka sky0x aka mr.iamsocoolthatineedtoddos, you dont even understood what i wrote.
just to make things clear:

you dont like the game
you dont like this site
you still post here even if you dont like us and this game
NO, your life sux and your life seems to be bullshit, not ours
= makes no sense to visit our forum in the future

think about that and now have a nice day
i think we should stop this after all it is a rage forum, stop feeding the troll?
(02-25-2011, 11:49)No One Wrote: i think we should stop this after all it is a rage forum, stop feeding the troll?

it isnt even trolling, its some 12 year old kid lacking enough brain cells to even post something that bothers us.

with that being said
bullshit != trolling
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Thats it guys,feed me up..Wait, i duno...is this a trap?.i sure am geting fed pretty good..

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