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Black Ops 2 *RoW* Keys available now!
I will buy one. need to get PayPal then
[Image: compiling.png][Image: aLKA8og_460sa.gif]
(11-12-2012, 19:38)Ich1994 Wrote: I will buy one. need to get PayPal then

u can pay even with visacard !!


doha when we will get the keys !!
dprclan.com ,, we are recruiting for black ops 2 !! join us soldier Cool
Donated Smile
Hi, great deal u have there, thanks for it, but I have a little question, cause Im rly dumb Wink

U stated that: "They are not restricted to a region nor to a IP and in english."
But then u provided guide for Activate Russian Steam keys via VPN and language change.

So are they really without restriction (I live in Czech Republic), so I dont need VPN to activate and then play the game, or they r RU/or something keys that I need VPN for activation and play?

Thanks for answer and sry for being dump Smile

Have a nice day
I believe he means you do need a Russian IP to activate it, but you don't need a Russian IP to actually play the game. I'm not sure though.
[Image: MaEIQ.png]
Will i still be able to buy (donate) a key tomorrow, i just got home and the bank will be shut when i get there?
d0h!, how long will this offer be valid?
[Image: azuw.jpg]

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