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A good video card
If you want to run BF3 Ultra on 60 fps,
It's pretty obvious you will need to pay alot Wink
I'm personally going for a GTX570.
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HD 5870 <3
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ATI HDX360 variant 0MA2000
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yah i like the gtx 570 its fast on mostly all games but 560ti is fine also
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radeon HD6950 from msi
HD 5670 or HD 5770 is good, i have 5670 and i can play BF2 at ultra
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All i have to say is.....


You're bumping a 4 month old thread....
Edit: make that 5
(03-30-2012, 13:40)JariZ Wrote: You're bumping a 4 month old thread....
Edit: make that 5

epic fail
(11-20-2011, 14:05)ddaavvee Wrote: I got my birthday coming up and i want to know if you guys knew a good Nvidia video card wich can handle BF3 at Ultra high settings with an avarage fps of 60+.

Before you start to troll, yes i searched on google and i've looked at many other forums including Nvidea forum but i just wanted some advice from you guys.

so... any recommendations?

get a gtx5600 ti for min a 580 for just about max or 680 the best one out so far
amd= 7870 2nd best 1st 7970 what i have runs evrey game on max settings with about 90 fps its 500$
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I used a video tag which I shouldn't do. I should just post the URL to the video. Now I learnt from my mistakes and I will now edit my post to fix this.>>no i dident learn my leasonAngryTongue<<<
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