Full Version: Battlelog hacked by Russians
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This is more of a rumour than of news because
a.) It is gone now and you cannot see it with your eyes
b.) What is left is just people talking about (never trust internet guys) and screenshots (paint skillz over 9000 possible)

However even if it is fake it still sounds interesting. So the main thread about it (link at the very end because I am asshole) was created on 28th of December, a guy with quite good reputation on another forum posted a message
TIGERHax Wrote:Battlelog got hacked again, actually now its in progress, some russians are adding dice tags and spamming forum, launching is disabled and forum too, change the password ASAP after the fix

Right after that followed an active discussion with comments proving that, with screenshots of different battlelog polls about BF4 alpha and sucking dicks. There are lots of screenshots of russians with DICE developer status on battlelog forums, head anti-cheat guy saying how he loves sucking dicks and just lots of fucked up stuff.

Most interesting screenshots below, tohers are posted as links even more below.
I do not know if it is true or false, I did not make any investigations myself, however I found it interesting to share so yeah, discuss Awesome
And nearly forgot, information is taken from unknowncheats forum, the actual thread link is

[Image: 1GsEM.jpg]

[Image: LOL_zpse23c3615.png]

[Image: bf3wtf_zpsa81f21c1.png]

[Image: 1GsDm.jpg]

[Image: AbZzk.jpg]

ALSO dat

Yep, and DO NOT open that alpha-bf-4 website in screenshots, it is phishing (not sure about spelling)
Hehe those russians Awesome

Thanks Barata...
I saw this with my own eyes and it actually happened. It's more likely that a moderator got hacked than the website itself. Because 1. polls can be edited by moderators. 2. Why would they setup a phishing website if they hacked the site? You would have all the data anyway.
old, saw this 4 days ago
Russians Big Grin
(01-02-2013, 11:17)kokole Wrote: [ -> ]old, saw this 4 days ago

G-Man Wrote:So the main thread about it (link at the very end because I am asshole) was created on 28th of December
dem russians
didn't that happen before as well?
Thread title should be "Battlelog hacked by drunk Russians"
(01-03-2013, 10:58)House Wrote: [ -> ]Thread title should be "Battlelog hacked by drunk Russians"

Since when are there non-drunk Russians Troll ?
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