Full Version: [POLL] Vote for the new ItsModders!
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Hey guys, It's been a while since the last poll and we've gotten a lot more - active - members since last time as well!
So here we go, Vote for your favorite modder!
The top 4 will be elected as ItsModder.
You have 4 days. (I seem to be liking the number 4 today)

  • Vote based on the contributions this person has made, not on whether you like him or not.
  • Voters must have at least 10 posts
  • No 10 post douchebags (example: spamming to get to 10 posts).
    No accounts that are newer than this poll will be counted 'valid'
  • If you think I forgot your name, Please tell me.
  • I may edit these rules later on Troll

What's an ItsModder?
ItsModders are the people with blue names. They receive a special rank and access to a hidden board because of the contributions they made.
@Nukem , oh wait he is already blue...

@master131 for sure!

Thanks Barata...
It has to be master131 or barata or kokole or G-man. (Me, pfffff)
@TwoPumpChump aka Tombmx has been THE biggest contributor to the pc cod modding community ever ! +1
@master131 more focused on the evil side of our community but is always helpful and talented +1
"more focused on the evil side of our community" - couldn't have said it better, haha
I can't vote, obviously, but what is this for? Is it like an award or something like that?Ah, I just ready the bottom. Silly me.
@master131 If he ain't getting blue, there is something wrong
@master131 and Tombmx

Good luck all!
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