Full Version: Updated server addon release (solid models)
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Ok from now on stay ontopic and stop flaming.
(12-10-2012, 07:29)[Z00MBY] Alex Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-10-2012, 07:24)99IRock Wrote: [ -> ]@[Zoomby] alex , why the fuck your still on this forum selfish russian kiddo.
Leave with your toy, and say bye bye to your players Smile

Shut up, young loser!

You're a newbie on the forum, so sit tight.

He at least contributes and represents something with himself.. unlike you
This is @zxz0O0 statement:

"To the people telling Alex to release his private version; Alex only respects what I said. When I gave him the build for testing I told him not to give the build to anyone else. He did not give it to anyone. Therefore he deserves my respect for not being a leecher. I agree that it may not be very nice to keep teasing other members.

master131, as much as I respect you, looking at your code it does not look like 'your own implementation'. Either you used the code of the SA or you happen to have had exactly the same thought when thinking about how to realize this feature. The latter would be pretty weird since you have exactly the same asm code, even with GetEIPRegister (which is the actual purpose of 'your GetEspValueStub')... Please don't consider this statement as accusation Smile
Also, it should be pretty obvious who implemented that feature into the SA.

Anyway, nice job converting it to c#, keep up the good work."
@[Z00MBY] Alex warned twice for flaming, Keep it up!
Unstickie'd because of this being broken
Why we can't live without flamewars?
Come on.
@JariZ , Do you can delete previous posts?
Typical russian : thinking everybody on the internet speaks his language.
Can somebody please translate it so I can warn/ban him again?
use google translate. Its post for JayDi not for all.

(12-10-2012, 18:59)OrangePL Wrote: [ -> ]Typical russian : thinking everybody on the internet speaks his language.

What do you have against Russian?
@[Z00MBY] Alex I shouldn't be using Google Translate because this is a English forum
Also, Nothing against Russians personally, but I do agree that a lot of them think everyone speaks Russian as well.
Also (yes, again) I would calm down if I were you
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