Full Version: Rotate/Delay problems
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Hi guys, im trying to make my first mw3 server plugin,
The problem is here:
entity.OnInterval(2000, player =>
                    foreach (string sOutput in arrText)
                        player.AfterDelay(2000, giocatore =>
                    return false;

The problem is that, it always show the last text of the array, whats wrong with my plugin? Sad
Me checksta.
Does it only show one text? Did you verify your array? What's giocatore?

Maybe check how many times the code in the foreach loop is processed.
we dont support alternate ways of playing the game like 4d* or te*no


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Who says this is 4D*?
(08-30-2012, 09:59)SuperNovaAO Wrote: [ -> ]Who says this is 4D*?

Pozzuh said its i5wm code

» Pozzuh - 30-08 10:28 -- It wouldn't work on the server addon
» d0h! - 30-08 10:28 -- ok
» Pozzuh - 30-08 10:28 -- That code is iw5m
» d0h! - 30-08 10:27 -- is it related to it?