Full Version: ItsMods official TeamSpeak server
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We now have our own TeamSpeak server thanks to @AKGhost !
Feel free to come in and talk whenever you like!

[Image: 981929.png]

How to connect
Click this link if you've installed teamspeak
Click here if the first server is down/empty

Nice Thank you
Great, now let's use it.
moved to announcements
i thought that we have had ts serv before :S
yea but this one is permanent and official, the other ones were just temporary

@surtek i was there for like 4 hours yesterday, together with 5 other people, so it's being used allright
Forever Alone
I will download TeamSpeak3 just to hear @AZUMIKKEL speak...
Some people abusing it for game communications right now. Fuu
i connected yesterday, talked too much shit and half of the people left Fuck yea!
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