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[Release] Granny's Zombies

Granny's Zombies is basically a zombie mod that allows a long battle with zombies and humans, zombies might die a lot before they can even harm the humans, but after the first throwing knife they throw, they have 3 throwing knifes left, and they will throw everything they got on you.. until you are low health, and die, you might be low health, so don't forget to use your health keys, you got 3, use them widely.


1. Menu, with many items.
2. Few bunkers not killingdyl's map edit!
3. Using custom killstreaks.
4. Custom spawn.
5. Custom Spector spot.
6. 25 explosives of their equipment. (sry idk to explain lol)
7. Killstreak have been changed.
8. Infinite ammo.
9. When dying becoming a zombie.
10. Ray gun for last human.
11. Death machine for last human, when he ran out of ammo for the raygun.
12. Can fly a jet (jet v2)
13. Call artillery
14. Instead normal airstrike Super airstrike
15. Instead nuke, anti-zombie germs.
16. Instead EMP, anti-zombie alpha germs.
17. Instead pavelow, Zombie Hunter Plane.
18. Longer time with the AC130 + stronger.
19. Airdrop chances, edited.
20. Instead predator missile, AGM missile, which is a UAV with 3 predator missiles.
21. Last human spawns at a different place.

And probably few things that I forgot


1. Zombie explode
2. 4 throwing knifes
3. On few maps, zombies can be on fire, and on other maps, normal glowing zombies.

Ok, basically zombies can't do anything. lol.


1. No commando for zombies
2. No cold blooded for last human
3. Zombies get 24/7 UAV when last human comes
4. All weapon damage have been edited
5. Not much OP weapons
6. Must use team work to survive long
7. New functions for script
8. No fall damage
9. FPS limit set to 60
10. blur and less brightness
11. No overflows
12. Grenade launcher is disabled
13. Riot shield/RPG/AT4 are removed
14. At Karachi, the door for the 2nd floor will open after 5 minutes.
15. I'm bad host, no one really lagged on my lobby, mod isn't really laggable
16. Icons on minimap, for bunkers.
In V1.5:
17. Faster text.
18. Added text instructions.
19. Random hints.
20. Removed radiation from maps (no radiation affect/damage)
21. Raygun ammo set to 130.
22. Endround is patched.
23. Almost every string is precached.
24. On underpass, more lightnings.
25. On derail, added a ghost, near spawn, between the bunker and your spawn point.
26. Karachi is fixed.
27. On Karachi and Invasion, the bunkers are on fire, to add more light.
28. The spector view, at start, it's different, so as at the end, usually looks at the bunker.

Few videos about the zombie mod:

How to
By default binds:
3 - Night vision
N - Menu
W,S,A,D - Scroll menu
Space - select
C - exit menu

N - Night vision (thermal really)
R - Zombie explode
G - throw knifes (just throw a knife)

If you liked it, you can join my steam group!

And srsly if you like me donate me, not going to annoy people here. Find my paypal by yourself muhahaha

Main credits:
4FunPlayin - making this
Nukem - Originally No Hope 2.6

Full credit list is in _rank.gsc
Can you tech me how to host? Please! :/ (VERY SORRY am noob at hosting BUT i have a very good PC Smile
Google doesnt bite, but use alteriwnet if you dont want to get banned. Smile
i use alterIWnet! yes! may need console commands... what exsacly i do? help me please! i gonna thanks all in this topic Smile
(05-14-2011, 22:34)OrangePL Wrote: [ -> ]Google doesnt bite, but use alteriwnet if you dont want to get banned. Smile

and thanks for that....... Smile
PM'd you
i get disconnecting for security reasons when ever someone turns into a zombie.

is there anyway to fix this Huh

its a cool mod! tested it and the blur and colors are just so awesome
and the mod have really good features
(04-21-2012, 07:03)unclesam086 Wrote: [ -> ]i get disconnecting for security reasons when ever someone turns into a zombie.

is there anyway to fix this Huh

*ultimate bump 21/4/12*

this is the last one, I remember discussing about the security problems, either I fixed it in this version or you are not playing a private match.