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[tool question] reset

I just would like to know, if there's a tool that resets everything!
I mean, i want to restart from level 0, and 0 prestige, with no emblems and titles.
I also would like my stats to get reset!
Is there a tool to do that?

Thank you in advance Smile

it worked in mw2 so i guess it works in mw3 as well. so..

1)go to steam/.../mw3/players2 and move all .STAT (only the .stat) files to a backup folder(in case you change your mind and to get your old lvl titles setups etc back)
2)go to steam/userdata/.../42680 and move the 2 files as well
3)open the game play a bit to get a few kills to sync with steam and quit.

hope it works.
Thank you a lot!
Im just wondering if all these stats editors uploaded here will work also in the opposite way!
Maybe i can set everything at 0 and it should be done.. right? Btw, im going to try what you said!
Thank you a lot!

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