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someone make an rcon tool :c
even if its web based..

cant even change specific map rotations or anything at the moment..

zug zug


mw3 support under development

woh, awesome tool. Awesome

yah, i got a feeling it wont happen though :c

no mod tools

no rcon


We have still not found a way to communicate to the console remotely. As stated fruther through this thread, the server is refusing the connections. It's not like it's not capable. It denying the request.

As far as logs go, still nothing. I have nothing concrete or anything substantial that has changed on this front. The devs don't seem to give a damn and are doing nothing to help this community. It's extremely frustrating. Keep checking back for future updates!

tl;dr: it's not possible

Thank you IW for awesome game, not even being able to use RCON. Really good job !
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

because they are focusing on console

can itsmods allow for remote rcon and log files in an exe file?

(12-06-2011, 17:14)Cprl.Rst Wrote: can itsmods allow for remote rcon and log files in an exe file?

Dunno about allowing remote rcon but @Nukem has a log file working. (not released yet, don't bother him)
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

Seriously? He should defiantly release it
(altough we still need to get rcon working after that)

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