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playlist error, maybe a new patch coming?
since today i got many people saying the get this error when trying to join my lobbys: The host hasn't got the newest playlist yet, i saw on forums this also happened to people in the past (so it doens't matter i'm banned Big Grin). But the strange thing is other people still could join, so i don't know whats happening.
I think Infinity Ward is going to release a new patch, i hope it will be fixed soon.
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yea, that message pop-ups sometimes after match.
'there is a playlist update available. it will be downloaded now'
the annoying thing, is if you get to a lobby with noobs, lobby stops existing and you cant still play with them.. Smile

you get on lobby with low level players/noobs and have fun owning them. end of the match, summary, and playlist error.. no more pwning them
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(05-10-2011, 20:30)OrangePL Wrote: the annoying thing, is if you get to a lobby with noobs, lobby stops existing and you cant still play with them.. Smile

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IW promised a MW2 update for PS3, eggsbox and PC 3 months ago. Not released yet...

EDIT: Update should fix hacking problem, somehow.

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