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modding team
*what CoD game u modded: Modern Warfail 3 and Nigga Ops.
*How long did u do this: Well my bro, I know raping kids isn't nice and I should stop. I'm doing this for quite long.
name a modd u like and wy: GZ CUZ I R AWEZOME
*name ur self created mod: Granny's Zombies, GDF vs Robots and Dog Fight Big Grin
Paste ur self created code here: ~to long I got a list here
*if u should rate urslef 1/10 what will it be: 1337
*modding name: ????4FunPlayin?????
longest time u worked on a modd in days: over 9000
u been VAC banned: lol
wy should you join: I R AWEZUM
age: 9
country: I live under the sea.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]

that made me laugh ;p

well u also forget flyable jet..

but fun it will be a honor if u want to join....

*what CoD game u modded: my Little Warfare 2 and well some idea's for mods(full idea of mod) like one for nukem
*How long did u do this: since 1337
*name ur self created mod(exclusive 18+ mods): well i helped on nemesis, flyable heli 1-3 and most other mods of metPL, nukem, killingdyl, rowanFTBL and more (concept/idea part)
Paste ur self created code here: if(you are reading this = true){call_reader_a_gay();}
*if u should rate urslef 1/10 what will it be: 11
*modding name: well the name of my dad is Josh Olin and mine is surtek
longest time u worked on a modd in days: over 9000
is your room dark: sorry no windows here, i use apple
u been VAC banned: if( we can mod == true ) { VAC_doesn't_exist(); )
wy should you join: why not?
age: ask my mom
country: Joshorica
City: Olin

(11-27-2010, 17:59)Bloopbloop Wrote: huh, I guess I should be the entertainment part of the group.

yeah everyone needs an ape in a group Sleepy

good enough ;p

ill make a steam group and we as a team chat there... about the mods ect..
ill pm u

who wont xD

or just use the itsmods steam group Wink

its a public group ;pp

(11-27-2010, 18:56)surtek Wrote: *name ur self created mod(exclusive 18+ mods)



What COD games have you modded: Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops
How long have you been doing this for: Since April-June.
Name your self created mods: Public - Black Ops Mod, Retarded RC Race Private - Death Run, CSS:Bot Rape, fy_snow, QCZM w/ Raping Bots (literally), MW2Chasey.
If you could rate you self out of 10, what would it be: Infinity
Modding name: master131
Have you been VAC banned: Yes... and no.
Why should you join: Because I am epic, period.
Age: 1337
Country: Australia
[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.

(11-27-2010, 16:54)surtek Wrote: lemme write who should join:
- Supernova
- Imodblackops
- Nukem
- Killingdyl
- 4funplayin
- and maybe some more
AZUMIKKEL or Lost4468 may be a good idea
Also add Met...
[Image: wyipjqo9qon7rc2v1lo.jpg]

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