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iwi file structure
Well, iwi's now have a different structure. Mostly interested thing for me is data block, cause шеэы may be highly compressed DDS or something different image type or something else.

I hoped guys with coding experience can help us to decompress them.

In my opinion:

[00] - always 0x1D. It's not a part of iwi header. It's reming me data base, where all filenames stored somewhere and all files into archive just have something like defined value, like "the iwi is starting now"

[01-03] - the "Iwi" header

[x04] - iwi version. Now it's always 0x1B

[x05] - saved image type. Like 0x0C is DXT3 image type, 0x0D is DXT5 etc.

[x06] - unknown flag

[x07-x08] - image width

[x09-x0A] - image height

[x0B] - unknown flag

[x0C-x0F] - those bytes are common for mostly iwi's. Not sure what is that.

[x10-0x3F] - 48 bytes totally. Theoretically it's a replacement for MipMaps (4 for all Cod's, except CoD:BO (it's 8). 4 bytes for each mipmap).

[0x40 - n] - Data block

Hopes someone have ideas what is unknown bytes mean.

Thx and GL.
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[00] is not always 0x1D, it can be also 0x22 and other values. If you've examined the structure before an iwi file in some ipak file (I call it pre-header, its 128 bytes long, 128 bytes before iwi header), you will see that it contains info about the iwi blocks, I think they are compression blocks, and you need decompress each block individually. I think they are using custom compression, no tool can decompress that data. Also if you have dlc0_load_mp.ipak, unpack it and you will see that it contains a non compressed iwi (Black Ops I iwi)
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Thx for explanation. I'l check ipaks carefully.
(12-06-2012, 22:14)Gagarin Wrote: Thx for explanation. I'l check ipaks carefully.

Btw, you can check out my ipak extractor source in the download if you want
Arent there two different types of .iwi Files in BOII?
One can be converted to DDS the, but the newer wont work.
[Image: ctoc.jpg]
(12-07-2012, 15:18)Tomsen1410 Wrote: Arent there two different types of .iwi Files in BOII?
One can be converted to DDS the, but the newer wont work.

Newer iwi types are just compressed using a custom treyarch's algorithm, my extraction tool can already decompress the files in IPAK, just wait for my update.

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