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i have eror:((
hi all
i have 2 problem
after runing server and join 2 player server crashed and players have this eror ={eror getting president dataConfusedee console} and in server it is shut downed.
whats problem?

and problem 2: i creat .dspl file {12 round.s$d}and load it in server nut in game just have 1 round and in game we not playing,{game have 1 round and this round faste get a final{with any playing}}

sry for bad englishSad(
tnx all
Do you use plugins?
Last time i saw that too, server just quitting.
Possibly error in plugin(s).
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Do both servers have different directories or do you just press iw5mp_server twice?
i use plugin
im use addon
group welcomer+godplugin elite+permision
And what are you using Steam?
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i cpy addon and plugins and config it....
after it i run iw5mp_server.exe and type start_map_rotate after it i have problems....

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