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how i've installed language pack
Well was so amazing multiplayer in russian (i love it) but maybe some of us need or prefer properly language pack.
[hide]maybe this will help or make clear how too, first rename "zone" this before loose time in stupid game update, then rename localization.txt too or move it to another folder because steam will erase. Instal your language pack ( means paste your language package's file in right place), exemple: localized_MYLANGUAGE_iw00.iwd in main folder (this will never erase from steam), then paste your language "zone" folder, add your localization.txt in mw3 folder (don't forget about rename previosly file/folder, new one like your "new zone" files will never erase from steam now i think...).
Now simple open steam go to "my library" right mouse click to select mw3, tab language, change to your language/pack (like from ru to english) close it and only now start game. Enjoy.....[\hide]
No need installer or something else is not bannable 'cause you don't modify game....

thats confusing

just copy all files over and you are done

Gladio making a tutorial

bwahahahaha Troll
YouTube 1:Azumikkel- Modding
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Contact: im[at]

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(11-09-2011, 21:53)AZUMIKKEL Wrote: Gladio making a tutorial

bwahahahaha Troll

some people are so stupid that need instaler 'cause they dont Know how change game language...

anyway language.ncf are not cecked by vac and save your time

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