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d3d9.dll failure
    I have ordered a MW3 server with a company. This will be the 4th time setting up a server so I some what know what I am doing. The guy working the server is telling me the d3d9.dll file is only for 32 bit servers and he needs one for the 64 bit server. Is this correct? I know the MW3 game its self is 32 bit but is there a 64 bit .dll file for that type of server? I have attached the screen shot of the error he is getting. When the file is in the root directory like it is supposed to be the server will not start, remove the file and all is good just the MODs will not work. Any ideas on how I can help this guy out so I can get my server up and running?

I am using the following MODs:
1. aaaPermissionPlugin.dll
2. banned.dll
3. default_speed.dll
4. MW3 FOVPlugin.dll
5. Nukems unlimited ammo.dll
6. ServerAdmin.dll
7. WarnForBalance.dll
Create folder called 'dist' and place addon.dll inside
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Doesn't the d3d9.dll need to be in the root directory?
It can be many things:
  • - Permissions issue accessing "addon\dist\addon.dll"
    - addon.dll doesn't exist
    - Visual C++ (2008 or 2010) Redistributable is not installed
    - .NET framework is not installed (Should be .NET 3)

Edit: @SailorMoon is wrong, d3d9.dll stays in the root folder.
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
Do this, get a hex editor.
First rename the DLL to x3x9.DLL.
Open the mw5mp server by hex editor, find text string d3d9.DLL then replace to this x3x9.DLL now save and try

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