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change team names & score board color
(09-27-2012, 20:01)zxz0O0 Wrote: The client requests the teamnames after he connected. Changing the dvar after that request won't change the teamnames (client side). So basically a change to the dvars in OnPlayerConnect would be enough I guess.
In a scenario where when the client connected he was given teamname as 'a' and while playing teamname was changed to 'b' .Will the client see team a as team b after change or will it have no effect?
No, it will stay as 'a' for this client. This is because in some recent update IW changed the way. Before, the value of g_teamname_[allies/axis] was synchronized to the clients. Now it only sends the teamnames one time after connect, this is done SV_GameSendServerCommand (same as iPrintLn, visions, etc.)
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