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black ops dlc
i downloaded black ops skidrow
then i updated it with all 6 updates from skidrow
then i downloaded the 4 dlc and waw maps
and i added them to the zone and main folder
and downloaded the ultimate dlc unlocker from this site
and installed it but still i cant play any dlc zombie map i can play the main 3 zombie maps that come with the game
when i tried to play the moon map using a command in the player config file a countdown on the bottom right corner appeared and after a while an in game error message appeared saying server script compile error unknown function see console for details
then it took me to the game main menu
i can't even find them in the zombie solo menu
i also used the black ops optimizer from this site still nothing new
the strange thing is that i used a trainer when i installed the game before updates and it worked fine now after updates it won't work but at the same time i can't find the mule kick in the kino der toten map but if the update worked it should be there and if the update didn't work then why the trainer won't work
even the consol used to work before the update but after the update i won't work
what can i do to play them
plz help

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