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best mods by very original username
hello, this is an upload from the best mods for mw2:

i think that beginners this will be a nice post. I was always searching for the best mods.

1) 1887 akimbo (everyone has an 1887 akimbo and can run faster)

2)alien vs predator

3)golden desert eagle

4)grannys zombie Smile

5) gungame (see black ops) (nice mod)

6) night - copy (zombie mod with auto zombies) (nice mod)

7)QCZM 4.5 (quarantaine chaos zombie mod) (nice zombie mod)

8)QCZM (oterversion)

9)quickscope mod by gekko (best qs mod)

10) unlock everything (its not a normal unlock everything mod) (you can teleport yourself,...)

thanks to all mod makers. (i dont know who is the maker for some mods)

Attached Files
.rar   my 10 best mods.rar (Size: 526.3 KB / Downloads: 110)
Where is prophunt mod?
The first mod I ever "made" is on the first place.

Just saying that it was a bad variation of Scoutzknivez where I changed the weapon and a couple dvars

Still funny tho d:
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Why there is a "Big Grin" smiley next to my mod? D:
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
(03-05-2011, 15:03)4FunPlayin Wrote: Why there is a "Big Grin" smiley next to my mod? D:

Because you can't find a better name for a zombie mod.
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