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You like this new Site?
now its awsome!... really but wy we got the members option and calandar...

u could also maybe try a shout box where u can chat P
if you dig true the world... what comes up first your feet or your head ;qq

we got a chat at www.itshax.com/LobbyTracker

I like it a lot Smile

no i mean this! and it should be on on Its mods.com

ist's an Counter Strike gaming clan i joined a few years ago xD
so i hope it's not spamming


look @ the top

Shout boxes are bad bad bad. UF Shut it down from too much CPU usage. Can we buy titles with points? http://www.mpgh.net/ranks/globalmod.png

Or Giant Images in avatars and Signatures Big Grin

(11-07-2010, 23:52)Bloopbloop Wrote: Or Giant Images in avatars and Signatures Big Grin


UF's SB is off because their host is shitty. Same problem with im00.
I could host a Spambox (not shoutbox... common misinterpretation)

but the chat at http://chat.itsmods.com sounds better to me.

yeha i would love a sigg =DD

it's good, but needs more people (more activity)! Smile

well the game got released yesterday and the forum is only 2 weeks old Wink

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