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vote or die!
MPGH is better /mhu

*waits patiently for ban*
Insane Wrote:MPGH is better /mhu

*waits patiently for ban*

rivalry or why did you even registered when you obviously doesn´t like this site?
sorry that you cant find cocky signatures Wink

no need to ban cause everybody thinks different
You can't compare MPGH with this. MPGH is about ones sexual preference cheating, this is about modding.
I hate phpBB with a burning passion, but other than that, it's pretty nice.
I hacked SMF within 2 hours when I was 13. Since then I love it with passion.

Donate and I'll switch to VBulletin.
MyBB ok.
No, I do not like because I can not find the ad or win a little gift by inviting other world :'(
nova is currently fixing a few errors. it will be restored or something similar
Very good site, better then MPGH Wink Nice work dude.
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