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What we need more in cmMOD
Hey yo everyone , my English is bad , but i will try to tell you what is missing now in cmMOD.

1. pistol
anyway, we need a g0ddamn hand cannon. Like deagle in cod4.
Make 1911 like deagle . 1 headshot kill , ability to kill 1-2 people in dangerous situations , when you miss\reload etc.

if you need Features:
promod - 70 health-deagle - 30-50(far-close range) dmg\bullet. headshot -deapth
go make cmMod (black ops 100 health) - 1911 45-70 dmg\bullet-headshot depth+add scpecial scope for it please! -__-

OR just increase Damage Multipliers for it:
(1911 dmg: 20-40) Head: 6(for 120% of 1 headshot all distance Big Grin), Chest: 2, Limbs: 1.7

2.We need balanced maps.
There is : WMD(100%) , GRID(100%),
radiation,summit ,firing range ,array,villa, hanoi , havana , crisis - for discussion
nuketown(small), launch(disbalanced), cracked(3 roads+camp) , jungle(you know why) - cut.

3.Damage through the wall must not give hitmarker

4.delete bhop

5.delete cooknade

6.increase bullet penetrate and no loose damage for sniper rifle and 1911(and increse sniper damage to 97-99 damage)

7.increase red self-damage screen , because always , when you get dmg from smg etc. , you screen is "white" and just blinked to red , he must be more red , then more damage you get.and come to "white" , when you regenerating.

8.+25% accuracy with sniper hip fire

9.quick-scoping + remove 1-second-increase multiplicity, when you open scope.
10 . more ammo , don't forget

All ideas for this time

Thankyou for your feedback, we will check it out which are usefull.

Number 7 is fine, everything else is wrong.

Ambient noise needs to be completely removed from game, bomb plant / defuse needs to be fixed and changed, you should only hear opening of briefcase like cod4, and it should be limited to where you can here, dont display name at bottom unless someone presses tab to show the scoreboard, also make sure the maps are updated to the latest patches because the launch vent glitch shouldnt work any more, turn final killcam on because it gives extra strat time and can add a little bit more fun, completely remove 3rd person spectator even though FOV for it is 1.

Everything is a working progress, with mod tools everything will be perfect. Great job so far.

Having a 1shot-kill ability for any weapon apart from sniper rifle is not a good idea, it's not how the killing is designed in COD so i don't agree with you fully with the damage bit

HOWEVER! - I would like to see more pistols with 50-30 or 55-35 DMG so that there will be more variety in pistols used. Because playing with the same secondary for ever is quiet dull e.g. deagle in cod4, even though i love the deagle to bits i still think we should have more ''good weapons'' to choose from.
so that we don't end up with ak/74u/scope/deagle again.

We have options to change the damage stats so why not do so?

Apart from Python, all the pistols have very little recoil, so in case of the ones that would have 55 or 50 damage up close you'd have to increase their recoil a bit OR make their recoil recovery slower. I suggest having three pistols able to kill with two hits up close and having some recoil or by making their recoil to settle slower. This can be achieved by decreasing the recovery speed/center speed of 1911 & Makarov the two additional pistols that would do 50DMG up close.

For example, this is how I would suggest it:

Python 55-35 = smallest clip,highest kick = biggest damage, with those traits it also deserves to have the ability to kill in 3 hits at long range

1911 50-30 = In this case you'd decrease the recoil recovery speed (center speed) from 1100 to 800 for example. This would make the recoil settle down slower compared to default.

Makarov 50-30 = has two more bullets in the clip than python and 1 more than 1911 so in order to keep it balanced increase it's ability to shoot constantly without recoil. So if e.g. the 1911's recoil recovery would be 800, make Makarov's center speed 700. This will make its recoil settle down slightly longer than 1911.

ASP 40-25 = very agile handling, quickest reload, easiest to control its recoil and almost twice as faster max RPM (fire rate) than most pistols

CZ75 35-20 = with such big clip for a pistol (12rounds) which is almost twice as much than the most of the pistols, the ''spraying'' pistol would have the lowest damage values, unsurprisingly

So there you have it, this is how I imagine having more pistols used on the competitive scene. You would have three pistols with high power and similar recoil handling that being Python, 1911 & Makarov and then you have the spraying CZ75 with big clip but with lowest damage & easy to handle and quick firing ASP also having low damage.

the name at the bottom of the screen is only in the beta.

Everything the OP said is great, except for the killcam part.
Because of his or her difficulties in English, I couldn't really fully understand the first part, but I think that the pistols certainly need to act much more, if not exactly like they did in COD4 ProMod.

Playing in normal core mode right now, the pistols have absolutely no use unless someone is literally one-shot and you can happen to hit it. Otherwise they barely work. Playing many scrims in core, I've seen that all the players, including myself when I scope, rely on the L96 in close-quarters instead of switching to the pistol, unless they've got a hitmarker.

Make all of the pistols kill in one-three shots to the head. Two-four in the body, depending on the weapon. The Python really must do much more damage and be a little bit more controllable.

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