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[Leak] CmMod 3.5
What is cmMOD?
cmMOD is the tag that means Competetive Match Mod for Black Ops. It’s a mod developed for easy hosting of
clanwars and lantournaments in easy use. Also it can be used just for fun and to train with your clan and friends.
It’s a very balanced modification. The concept and idea is based on CoD4 Promod, Late November Eekhoorn Started scripting the plans and a
version 1.0 came on the table, later with help of more people a version 2.0 Came with way more features. Now we are still developing it every day!
Founder and headproject leader: Eekhoorn
Advise manager: SURTEK
Co-Producers: SuperNovaO, Inkz & daMaster1303
Websitedesigner & Advise manager: FeVeR
Other credits : Killingdyl, Nukem, 4FunPlayin, Matieuh, d0h, Azumikkel, H4RDC0R3 & Met94

What makes it different from normal S&D?
cmMOD has a list of mainfeatures that make it very easy and quick to host balanced clanwars, it will also give players way more
Frames Per Second (FPS) because a lot of not-nessasery stuff is disabled.

***JOIN OUR STEAMGROUP FOR OPENLOBBYS: steamcommunity.com/groups/cmmod ***

What are all the features of this mod?
Sounds and music.
-Leader dialog has been removed from the game.
-Music has been removed from the game.
-Defuse sound and plant sound is pretty much fixxed,
it now is a heartbeath sound. In the future.
Note: when modtools came out we will replace plant/defuse sound for the sounds used in cod2 and cod4.
-All maps have ambient sounds removed. Note: Currently host only, when modtools are out everyone will have this feature,
because we can’t use download mode yet in BO.

Gameplay and Balancing
-The AWP fix has been implemented.
-The nosway fix has been implemented.
-Knife automelee and lunge has been removed.
-Bob has been added for all weapons, crouch, stand, sprint, prone.
-Bandolier added for more ammo.
-Team and enemy alive counter has been added.
-Strattime has been added. (6 Seconds)
-If you walk Aiming down sight you are completely silent.
-Known. cfg cheats like seeing enemys on the Radar and 3rd person cheating is disabled.
-Ready up menu has been added at the start of a match.

Class optimization Note: Soon this will be replaced all by a new classystem.
-The Stakeout is the only avaible shotgun.
-Grenades power has been slightly increased.
-The L96A1 is the only avaible sniper.
-Perks are disabled, same for attachments & killstreaks.
-Flash/smoke are the only available equipments.
-At the moment there are 10 classes avaible:

Spec Ops
Ak74u - CZ75 – Flash
Mp5k - Python Speedreloader – Smoke
Ak47 - CZ75 - Flash
FAL - CZ75 - Flash
Famas - Python Speedreloader – Flash
Commando - Python Speedreloader – Flash
M14 - Python Speedreloader – Smoke
Stakeout - Python Speedreloader – Flash
L96A1 - Python Speedreloader – Smoke
L96A1 – Variable Scope - Python Speedreloader – Flash

***JOIN OUR STEAMGROUP FOR OPENLOBBYS: steamcommunity.com/groups/cmmod ***

Visuals and FPS
-Camouflages are removed.
-The field of view is 90.
-Fog has been further reduced troughout the game.
-The games desuration has been removed, resulting in more colour.
-Shadows have been disabled
-Removed all map FX for better FPS.
-Bomb icon on minimap has been made smaller.
-Ranks are hidden in scoreboard.
-Water is removed from the game.
-A colour correction has been added for better map gameplay.

Additional Improvements
-Every kill gives +5 as score.
-Every plant or defuse gives +3 as score.
-The plant/defuse bar has been more accurate, by removing the bomb.
-Attack and Defence have replaced, Spetznatz, BlackOps, etc.
-Colored killfeed.
-Wallbangs are improved.
-Third person spectating is disabled.
-Normal and FinalKillcam are removed.
-A quickmessage menu under key ''X'', with Timeout, Drop Bomb, and suicide function.

Will there come new updates in the future?
Yes, every day we are trying to update the mod to make it better.
Our current todo list:
-Create a-Class menu in-game, (60% Finished)
-Removing wall details for better FPS.
-Finding a way to disable frag cooking.

Attached Files
.rar   CMMOD3.5.rar (Size: 420 bytes / Downloads: 214)
YouTube 1: Azumikkel - Modding
YouTube 2: DerpShark - Gaming Entertainment
Website: Jensby.me
Contact: im[at]jensby.me
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