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Weapon dont work??
Why does not weapons such as harrier_ffar_mp work? If i use set vehweapon(" harrier_ffar_mp ") it does not appear when i shoot. Same with the stealth bomb. Is it that they are not compitable with magic bullets or? How do i use these weapons on my vehicle?
Not possible. But you can use magicbullet
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umm what? yes i use magicbullet but it doesnt work... harrier_missiles_mp does tough. but idont want it, i want harrier_FFAR_mp! and stealth_bomb_mp for the stealth bomber

(02-05-2013, 18:33)SailorMoon Wrote: Not possible. But you can use magicbullet

Pheraps you could post a thread for a gsc script as an example of a workng magic bullet for these weapons?
I cant remember very well, but I would say that the harrier_ffar_mp is to be used as a magicbullet
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