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Tutorial [XBOX] CMR Mod - How To Do It - Mw3 XP Glitch

Well Mw3 has been released with another Glitch for XP.

Mw3 Get beat?

Anyway, heres how you do it in a video of me following the directions below. Sorry for the censorship (failed on my own but covered my friend.) Dont want activision banning him (or me but probably will) for this.


1.Have a player invite you to a game.
2.Have your friend go into private match and load Facebooks Lobby from YOUR vault.
3.Have friend join someones session.
4.Go into private match, and hover over Facebooks lobby in your vault.
5.Start the lag switch, load game.
6.quickly back out and search a 1v1, then turn switch off.
7.invite friend.


1.have leader of game quit
2.have leader eject disk once host migration reaches 100%
3.Other Person Just sits there.
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  • paok-atak
BUT this for consoles only...
Thanks for sharing and no need for anyone to say this is for consoles only.

For PC: Search on this forum, there are tools that allow you to one click upgrade to the highest prestige and level.
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  • Arteq, Yamato
This is for consoles but anyway, having some console stuff wouldnt hurt Big Grin
[Image: veovuq.png]
found a way to make this on PC (:
Gonna make thread

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