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Tutorial Titanfall Modding
Hello there guys
Cra0kalo has released his vpk tool and i am going to explain how this all works.

IMPORTANT!! (not required but highly recommend)
Backup all the files in the vpk folder. this folder can mostly be found in:
Quote:C:\program files (x86 for some)\origin games\titanfall\vpk
If you dont do this and you fuck up something while modding, you're fucked (cus you gotta reinstall/repair the game then)

Required programs:
Cra0kalo's VPK tool (make sure after you install it check for updates!!)
VTF-Plugin for PaintDOTnet

I will do this in steps, lets first start with custom FOV (higher than 90)
[Image: 8k4Hd.jpg]

Open up The VPK-tool, run it as administrator (It sometimes crashes while exporting without running it as admin)
Click on file, click open
Now next is up to you, there are vpk files which have the names englishclient, frenchclient, germanclient etc... choose the language that is used in your game, these files are we working with.
i have the english version, and the weapon skins + fov stuff is located in englishclient_mp_common.bsp.pak000_dir
we are going to open this one if we want to edit the FOV.

once its opened up you should get a bunch of folders
click on the 'extract all' button
[Image: 810cg.png]

now create a new folder in a area you would like to mod in (for instance i created a folder on desktop called modding, then i made a new folder inside it and called it mp_common)
Extract the files in that folder

Go to the directory where the files are extracted

IMPORTANT!! (if you ignore this it won't work)
Delete: extracted_logs
go to scripts\vscripts\weapons, open mp_projectile_frag_grenade using notepad and paste this in there:
Quote:function OnProjectileCollision( collisionParams )


Save it, ofcourse.

Your folder should look like this
[Image: 810AJ.png]

To edit the fov, go to
There we find a bunch of files, these files must be edited in order to change the fov. If you are lazy and don't want do edit the files yourself, here are the files with the fov in the first image: Link

If you dont like the fov and want it different,
go to every .set file, open them with notepad and you will evantually see 'fov' and 'viewmodelfov' u can just change that, mine are both set to 90
now we are done with the fov

Getting a custom weapon skin

Go to:
click on the folder of your desired weapon
in there are some files, if you want to edit the skin of the gun you gotta open the file which has _col at the end and is a VTF file
Quote:_col: standard gunskin
_ilm: the illuminated lights on the gun, pretty cool if you want to edit them
_spc: Specular maps
_nml: Normal maps, Find out what normalmaps are. normal maps can be made using the program CrazyBump

Open those with PaintDOTnet, from there you can edit them/export as png/edit in photoshop or whatever/bring back into paintdotnet and save as VTF under the same name as before and replace the old one (duh)

If you want the golden gun skin click here
just put it in the r101 folder and replace all

Once you are done editing your files you gotta go to the VPK tool
we are not done yet..
open up the vpk tool, click tools, click repacker
select the whole mp_common folder at first
save the vpk files in the same folder (is the easiest)
click Build VPK

Once its done,
go to the output directory, you will see two files
the one has _000 at the end and the other has _dir at the end
click rename on the _000 file and change the name to
do the same with the _dir file, but instead of the name above, change it to

Now put them both in the vpk folder in origin games\titanfall and replace them.
Have fun!

Thanks to:
Cra0kalo ( for the VPK-tool

Quote:Note: I am not responsible for any kind of bans, Neither is Cra0kalo (developer of the vpk tool). I am using this for over 5 weeks now and i didn't get banned. it is most likely this won't be bannable but use it at your own risk

NOT bannable

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