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Tutorial MW3 Commands: enableweaponpickup, makeportableradar and makescrambler

Another command tutorial, this is about some really cool commands I found while looking through gsc files. I am 100% sure that work like this, is pretty obvious and doesnt need testing, OMA

This first one, what it does is to dont let a player pick up weapons, in previous cods we needed to do a function to drop the current weapon so the player doesnt pickup weapons, now with this command is solved:

self disableWeaponPickup();

To disable the previous effect, it exists this other one:

self enableWeaponPickup();

The second one is a command which is used over a script_model, to make it a radar, like a portable radar or a juggernaut radar(in minimap). I made a simple function for it:

    self endon("death");
    self endon("disconnect");
    radar = spawn("script_model",self.origin); =;
    radar makePortableRadar(self); // this is the command that makes it a radar
        radar MoveTo(self.origin,0.07); //to make it  follow you(like juggernauts)
        waitframe(); //now, a frame is 0.07(thats what _utility.gsc says), :S

Also exists a command like this for the scrambler:

scrambler = spawn("script_model",self.origin);
scrambler =;
scrambler makeScrambler(self); //this makes it jam

Thats it, OMA

Server fps is set by the sv_fps dvar. I'm pretty sure it still defaults to 20 because 'wait .05;' is still used a lot in the code. And waitframe() is only used like 10 times..
[Image: MaEIQ.png]

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