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Tutorial Basic MW2 Memory Hacking: Part 3

3rd tutorial, I dont know if it will be last, this is about Unlimited ammo hack or making the game ammo confused, you can get mad weapon bursts, like shooting a whole magazine(8 bullets of a barrel toguether for example)

I´ll explain step per step, the first steps are like in 1st tutorial, but the video is easier I suppose.

1-Open game
2-Start a match
3-Alt+tab to desktop
4-Open a memory editor, I recomend for this: T-search
5-Open the game memory
6-Now, in game see your weapon magazine, in the video I use spas12, so magazine is 8(max), so I search for the hex value 08(8), then I search and it will find me looooots. Press ok
7-Return to game and shot, now you wont have 8 in magazine, you will have 7, so some memory values should have changed, Wink
8-In tsearch click now on search next and type 07(7), now the suuuper number of 8s will be reduced to very few(the 8s that have changed to 7s)
9-Go in game again and shot again, now I have 6 in magazine, I search next but using the value 06(6), now the number reduces to 68. 68 is the number of bytes that regulate the ammo in most weapons.
10-Add some of those values by clicking the green cross, in the right it will appear, change there the value to the one you want and press the small square to freeze. Do this with all(to get fully unlimitted ammo or just somes to get some weird shooting effects or funny game fails)

If you want some number values in hex, use windows calculator, enter a number and then press the button hex, you will get the hex value of it, Smile

Video, Nyan Cat

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