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Tutorial Basic MW2 Memory Hacking: Part 1

I am going to do 3 or 4 easy tutorials about Memory Hacking. I´ll explain what it is. In PC there is "no" way to modify the hexadecimal code in FF files, because you cant save with FF Viewer and then you get the loading error, so this is the way to do it. What we do here, is to Open game, and then with a memory editor you open RAM, select the game process and then you can see the whole game code, everything that is being loaded by game is there, so you can modify it. This doesnt risk the game data, because is like a "fake", in the moment in which you quit everything you did dissapears. About VAC, I suppose that is detected, I dont really know.

In this first tutorial I´ll show how to change the image of the weapons when you select a class, is very simple and useless, but you can do some funny fakes and screenshots, also, you can get some interesting hidden things as pictures, Smile. This is simply copy paste. But well, I´ll explain steps and I put also the video, where you can see every step, stop it where you want and easier, Big Grin:

1-Open game
2-Start a match(I recomend Rust, it doesnt load so many things as other maps, also, change time limit to unlimited to make this without time problem)
3-Press ALT+TAB to go to desktop
4-Open a memory editor: probably you wont have any memory editors, the ones I recomend are: HxD and T-search(in this video I am using HXD, in my opinion is the best)
5-In this case I go to Extras->Open RAM
6-You select iw4mp process(MW2)
7-Now, you should see a looooooong code that are offsets on left, bytes in center and text strings in right
8-Press Search and put text string(this will make you able to search for words, easier to find what you want, Big Grin)
9-Search for weapon_blabla, in this video I search for weapon_onemanarmy(Heart OMA)
10-Press F3 to move next and Alt+F3 to move to the one above until you see the one I mod in the video, you will see lot of weapons there and a few bytes behind, those bytes from the end of one weapon and the "w" of the next weapon are the ones that code the weapon image in the class selecting or class creating.
11-Copy the bytes of the gun you want and then search for another weapon(the one which its photo you want to change, in my case wa2000) and paste over these.
12-Press Save, then ok
13-Return to game and open class menu, and see your gun.

This is better explained in the video. I´ll put more tutorials soon.

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  • bealhorm, d0h!
what does it do?? i mean what does memory hacking?
didnt you read the description or the video? it pretty much explains what this thread is all about

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