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Just wanted to thank you guys that do the work on these unlockers and other tools. I know you hear alot of complaining about this and that . but i want to thank you guys. I really enjoy the tools you make.. keep up the good work..Big Grin

wow, first time i read such a post

(12-26-2011, 17:03)d0h! Wrote: wow, first time i read such a post

... and it's feeling great!

Thank you @millwood1962 , we all appreciate it.

@Ivankec detected.

You should definately +1 rep and thank the creators of the tools (I.E. Nukem).


these topics are rare

haha exactly, Not much people actually (have the balls to) create a thread to tell us stuff like this
Nevertheless, Awesome

yes thank you

Well, thank you.

But it's very common on every topic that there are more haters than public lovers.
Because if something works perfectly you don't want to waste time to thank you when you could continue to use a tool more.

If it doesn't work you go shit ass crazy and complain.

But every compliment is being appreciated by everyone.

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Shit. I should've made this thread :<
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