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Sounds from weapons for knifing or attacking
Hey, im trying to make a exorcism mod and i want to make it so that when u attack someone or the exorcist makes a the agony sound when your on fire in black ops, i want to use that sound for when the exorcist comes and when your being attacked. I also want to so that with the person attacks u its makes that stun sound from concussion grenade so that it doesnt make your vision go weird but your hearing does, Are these Possible??? plz help. Thanks!!WinkWink
AND........ so that you and prone and cant get up and your prone speed it set high so ur prone crawling really fast
[Video: ]

wrong section this is the mw3 section not Blops

Request move to correct thread


its not in the wrong selection, i went to: Itmods/Call of Duty: Black Ops/Modding Problems/This Thread
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