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Shellshock and Weapons
Dear Anyone, please help.

I managed to make custom explosives in MP, but i could not generate shellshock. Please help me, make a custom script that will detect damage based on weapon, and apply shell-shock with time based on distance from the explosion.

l96a1_grenade_mp, 2 - 1s shellshock, 192 radius
rottweil72_grenade_mp, 2 - 1s shellshock, 192 radius

m60_grenade_mp, 0.20 - 0.10s shellshock, 128 radius
python_grenade_mp, 0.5 - 0.25s shellshock, 128 radius

ithaca_grenade_mp, 1.5 - 0.75s shellshock, 160 radius
hs10_grenade_mp, 1 - 0.5s shellshock, 160 radius
spas_grenade_mp, 1 - 0.5s shellshock, 160 radius
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