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Runescape game of interest
Hey i would like to point out a good game which I sometimes play and it's called runescape. It's an MMORPG game with over 1 million users.
If you like or play this game then u awesome yay
u know rune scape was made by students and a comapany called jaxix (*something)
leaked it?.....
No your wrong it was made by 2 kids and it wasbcalled RS classic jagex later bought the game and turned it in to shit
sorry m8 ur wrong xD

it was made by student's that had to make it for school they
suceed drink some beer! and BOOM! leaked.... really i readed it on PCGameplay(a magazine for gamedisginers)
someone leaked it and gave it to Andrew Gower and made 115 million :|
there is a part of the map called to the students but i forgot...
Ok well I read out of a rs official book written by the owners
2 things

1 look wikipedia or google or somehow

2 if u leak something would you say??

btw u must be addict a book TonguePP
LOL u pley runscape we al no that are 4 kids!
Wikipefia is lies don't use it andbi play when I'm bored
srsly runesape....
if somebodey know's a hack for rs would you tell me please

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