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Resolution Issue with BOloader 0.8
Hey guys,
At first I really have to thank you for making this all. Great Job!

The BOloader v0.8 works fine, the Maps load perfectly and the bots are pretty clever.
But playing on 800x640 pixel resolution is no fun Sad
When I just start the BlackOpsMP.exe it appears in my full resolution (1920x1080) and all the graphic settings are fine.
Starting it with the BOloader seems BlackOps to forget all the settings I made before, and when I change the resolution ingame I just get back to my desktop and a black window appears in the size I choosed the resolution. I can't change the settings!

Do I have to start the mod with any additional parameters? Haven't found a prefences button in the program yet :/

Thanks for all help!
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Not sure how much help you will get here, last i heard itsmods do not deal with cracked copy's of Cod, hence why we have itsmodloader "god bless you nova",
because of this im not sure how manny people have even used BOloader to be able to help, also there will be manny who dont even took at your post because your not useing the itsmodsloader Smile
wtf, not?
And why does the BOloader include some Itsmodsloader .dlls and gets released here, oO?
well okay, I go on trying to find some settings ini or something. :/
cause nova made it and itsmodsloader.dll is used to load the mods...
but we dont provide any help on cracked versions, only the tool itself
Oh, okay.
And now I found out how to solve the resolution issue on my pc. Just had to uncheck the "Mod Loader" Box -.-
Alt + F10 still works then.
Still thanks *cough* to all guys here.

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