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Request Some Ideas
For God Plugin:

Is there a way to limit the !rules/!cmd commands to not be used more than once per round (globally or per player), apparently spamming it will cause the server to produce a "Out of memory error" and then crash. I don't mind disabling it but it would be nice to just not have it spammed so it can be used.

int hasSaid = 0;

If OnSay(String Message, ServerClient Client, bool Teamchat) == "!rules" && hasSaid < 1 && RoundTime < 8 minutes
  then hasSaid = 1 and ServerSay(Rules);
  else serverSay("Rules have already been said");

For Server Addon / Server in General:

A way to have it rotate through 16 DSRs? Right now I have 24 or so set ups for Infected, but since it can only go through 16 the other remaining seem useless to have unless moved up the list? I feel like this could be done with out a plugin/addon but I think Im just over thinking it. I would use a weapon randomizer but it affects Axis(Infected) too which is what I dont want.

A way to block new joiners from being a human on Infected. Basically someone connects they're forced to join Axis / Spectators until the round is over.
If RoundTime < 8 minutes && GetClient() Team == Team.Allies
  then move/kill client to Team.Axis

I also see ~4 months ago it was asked but not possible, would it at least be possible to kill them to force them to Axis or force to spectator?

(Not C# programmer) D:!, just know how to do Java plus its summer, brains shut down.

I looked through the http://addon.teamsdk.com/ best I could regarding all of this. Anyways any help would be great, thanks so much Smile.
The one about the maprotation was taken care of already. You should be able to specify more then 16 if you are using the old COD3 cycler.
(09-06-2012, 02:57)kraze1994 Wrote: The one about the maprotation was taken care of already. You should be able to specify more then 16 if you are using the old COD3 cycler.

ah well I spent 6+ hours to code a basic weapons chooser D:!... damn wish i knew that earlier.

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