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Request QCZM 6.0
Hello itsmods crew! I have a request for all of you guys. I would like to see a QCZM 5.0 but with the 4.91 flags so players can have more "room" to run a muck.
-But there was some other things I would like to see such as more areas to go to and more care package forts/floors/areas.
-Also on 5.0 the Survivor's vision is way too dark, it should be brighter a little more.
-Also can this be compatible with the "new" maps *a.k.a. 4D1/Singleplayer*
The same aspect comes into play all you gotta do is survive as long as possible!

Starting match at spawn;
HUMANS: Primary SMG or AR -No attachments-
Secondary -Spas/Model/Striker/M1014
Third slot -M9/USP/.44 Magnum/Desert Eagle
NO PERKS - but all guns have max ammo

Initial Zombies: USP -Tactical- 200HP
Wallhack -Until first blood-
1 Throwing Knife -Until first blood-
Thermal Overlay
Other Zombies: USP -No tactial- 200HP
NO PERKS - no ammo
Thermal Overlay

Another thing is too have access to buy ALL the weapons and some attachments as well in game except the launchers, the "scroll" menu would include:
*For Humans*
Page 1: Ammo, Gun list, Gun Attachments.
Page 2: Special Weapons, Equipment, Tactical
Page 3: Perks list, Special Shop, Purchase Killstreaks

*For Zombies*
Page 1: Perks list, Health, Suicide.
Page 2: Tactical equipment, Primary equipment, Team-Upgrades.
Page 3: Stinger, Deathstreaks, Special Power-Ups.

Gun Attachments should only include:
AR: RDS, Silencer, ACOG Scope, FMJ, Holo, Thermal, and Extended Mags.
SMG: RDS, FMJ, Thermal, Extended Mags, Akimbo, and Rapid Fire.
LMG: RDS, FMJ, Grip, and Extended Mags.
Sniper: ACOG, Thermal, Extended Mags, and Silencer.
MP: RDS, Akimbo, and Extended Mags.
Shotguns: Grip, Extended Mags, and Akimbo -Only for the 1887-
Handgun: FMJ, Akimbo, Tactical, and Extended Mags.
[code]*For Humans Special Weapons*
1)Extra Damaging weapons? But cost 5x more than the normal versions. Only a selefct few will be able to be purchased. 1 per gun category.
2)Launchers: Only RPG-7 that costs 10k which has 10 only 10 RPG's. "1+9 = 10" So 1 in the chamber and 9 extra RPG.
Tier 1:Marathon -> Pro
Sleight of Hand -> Pro
Tier 2: Stopping Power -> Pro *Not really needed*
Lightweight -> Pro
Cold-Blooded -> Pro
Danger Close -> Pro
Tier 3: Commando -> Pro
Steady Aim -> Pro
Ninja -> Pro
*For Humans Equipment*
Frag, Semtex, TK, Claymore, C4.
*For Humans Tactical* -Can ONLY Purchase 1 Tactical Equipment-
Smoke - Only 1 time per life.
Stun - Max 4 per life
Flash - Max 2 per life
*For Humans Special Shop*
-Buyable Speed boost for -30 seconds- *SpeedScaler = 1.2*
-God mode for -5 seconds- *A SHIT TON OF POINTS REQUIRED*
-Unlimited ammo *ONLY GUNS NOT EQUIPMENT* -10 seconds-
-Buyable Nuke - 20k points*?*
*For Humans Killstreaks*
Counter UAV
Sentry Gun
Precision Airstrike
Attack Helicopter

*For Zombies Perk list* -ONLY PRO IF I PUT -> PRO
Tier 1: Marathon -> Pro
Sleight of Hand*?*
Tier 2:Lightweight
Cold-Blooded -> Pro
Tier 3: Commando -> Pro
Ninja -> Pro

*For Zombies Special Power Ups*
Increased Speed for 10 seconds *1.3  Multiplier*
Invisibility for 10 seconds -Once per life-
USP with Tactical Knife -NO AMMO derp-
Respawn at location you die in current life. -With a twist only ONCE per 10 lives*?* or Match, also a 3 Second respawn delay with an indication that a zombie is respawning there-
Tracer bullet: 1 shot for USP and if you hit a Human they will be shown on the UAV the whole time for only you! -Once per life-
Wallhack -Whole match-

*For Zombies Tactical*
Smoke -Once per match-
Stun -Once per match-

*For Zombies Equipment*
Buyable Throwing knives
Buyable Blast Shield

*For Zombies Team-Upgrades*
Increased speed for all *1.1*
UAV -Normal time-

*For Zombies Deathstreaks*
Final Stand

Zombies health increase by 50 every time they purchase health for 50 points.

-For the points aspect we can work on it later but for the already inputted some on 5.0/4.91 can you keep the same points for them. For the newer stuff we will work it out or if you have any suggestions please post below!
-For the flags/areas/forts we can work on that together :3

Well, guys what do you think? If there are any balancing issues or issues with the request please post it below!
Whoever accomplishes this will get a mega OMA and a mega Goliath Tracked Mine!

@Rendflex Troll
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
[Image: UGPjFJa.jpg]
You... you clearly didn't joke when you said it's going to be a long list.
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  • DidUknowiPwn
(06-29-2012, 23:22)Rendflex Wrote: You... you clearly didn't joke when you said it's going to be a long list.

Nope, nope I didn't xD the mod won't ever need an update again with this new version.
Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
[Image: UGPjFJa.jpg]

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