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[Request] Names, Chat and Scoreboard
Hey Everyone

I have an server atm and I was wondering if it was possible to change color for admins, mods etc so admins for example are red. Mods blue.

I was also thinking if it is possible to change the title (as Im playing infected) to Infecteds and The Survivours in scoreboard. Also change color of mods and admins in scoreboard.

I hope you Guys will help Smile

Mibbs Smile
Hello! I think that you are searching for a ChatPlugin, maybe these plugin of @SgtLegend and @8q4s8 can help you.
and it does what I asked for? Smile
PHP Code:
public override void OnMapChange()

Guys, i think he want a plugin that change in the scoreboard [ADMIN]/[Mod] before the admins and the mods and not in the chat, or change the team names ^^
I created a plugin for changing any client name, it also works with colors on the scoreboard. I will probably add it to my extension.
Can i get a link please? Smile and thanks for help

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